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While Battlefield 3 does look quite beautiful, I see an uncanny resemblance between the features of this game and those of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Let’s hope I’m wrong and all of the buzz this game is generating can’t be attributed to graphics alone.

Video Blips:

• Rush mode in the previous Battlefield games can be pretty hectic, so I’m sure Battlefield 3 is no exception. I seem to always be stuck with the attacking team that thinks they’re all snipers, though.

Continue after the break for the making of Rage’s setting, an emotional trailer for Prototype 2, and the teaser for the upcoming GoldenEye 007 Reloaded.


• Every time I see footage of Rage, it gets harder and harder to believe that id Software is developing the game. I guess they finally decided to hire a decent art team. I can't imagine what kind of sadistic sociopath designed the metal confines of Doom 3.

• I’m glad to say that game developers have introduced a lot of black main characters lately, and Prototype 2’s James Heller is one of them. From the looks of this trailer, he has some pretty extensive depth beyond the unfortunate blandness that black characters are usually given.

• I usually don’t give in to remakes, but GoldenEye 007 Reloaded does conjure up a bit of nostalgia for me. And it sounds like they got Sean Bean as 006! Feel free to insert a Lord of the Rings/GoldenEye parody now. “One doesn’t simply walk into the Facility.”