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I can’t tell you how many hours I put into the original Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast; I wasted so much of my life. So then that means I’m excited about Soul Calibur 5, right? Not one bit. Why? Because now I'm really, really bad at this game. A blind five-year-old could beat me.

Video Blips:

• Soul Calibur 5 is yet another installment in the fighting series best known for its “endowed” women. I can tell that they’ve toned down a bit of the boob magic in this one. Good, because as much as I love women, even I was beginning to feel a little…disturbed.

Continue after the break for a trailer of Ghost Rider in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, an introduction to the villain in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, and some new tracks in the DLC for Dirt 3.


• Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 features an interesting roster of new characters. I find it a bit strange how you can now pit the spunky Viewtiful Joe against Ghost Rider — a product of the Devil himself. Such is the eclecticism of fighting games, I suppose.

• I’ve always enjoyed Sly Cooper’s colorful cast of characters, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time looks like no exception. I’ve noticed that Bitmob writer Rus McLaughlin calls his little boy “El Jefe” on Twitter…the same name as this new villain. Something fishy is going on here.

• The DLC for Dirt 3 will bring the game’s breakneck races to certain parts of Asia. I just sold my car for financial reasons, so watching videos like these feels like I’m stumbling upon a video of an ex-girlfriend. I loved that car.