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One can only imagine the political upheaval that will form when people start combining themselves with technology. Deus Ex: Human Revolution seems to be paying a lot of attention to the fact that conflict will undoubtedly exist when the human condition is physically redefined.

Video Blips:

• Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place during the year 2027, which means I’d be about 39 years old — close to the age of the main protagonist, Adam Jensen. It's pretty interesting to imagine seeing such things in your lifetime. I can already tell I’m going to be really into this game.

After the break, learn about the weapons of Bodycount, see the announcement trailer for The King of Fighters 13, and watch a baby octopus at feeding time in Save Yammi (yep, you read that right).


Bodycount is putting a lot of emphasis on the brutal effects of its guns. Similarly, the editor of this video went to great lengths to make these designers look like professional boxers. So…much…camera flash.

• Just in case 12 games weren’t enough, SNK Playmore is here with The King of Fighters 13. I get the feeling that some of these franchises are in a race to have the most sequels. Sadly enough, the winner will also probably be the loser in many ways.

• At first, I was ready to completely dismiss Save Yammi, but now I actually kind of want to play it. I can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to guide stars into the mouth of a cutesy octopus. Only in this industry, folks.