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I like Bodycount’s art style, but it reminds me a little too much of Brink. Seriously, take a look at the video below; both games look almost exactly the same.

Video Blips:

• The action in Bodycount leans heavily toward insane and ridiculous. I wonder just how destructible the environments really are. It’d be awesome if entire buildings could be leveled with nothing but bullets.

Continue after the break for a trailer of the Consular class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a developer diary for Stronghold 3, and A Game with Balls…really, that’s what it’s called.


• Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Consular class is roughly the equivalent of a mage or “magic user.” What kind of cool magic would a pacifist Jedi use, though? Maybe instead of lightning they summon a light drizzle onto their enemies. Everybody hates rain, especially Sith Lords.

• Stronghold 3 will please fans by returning to its roots and looking toward the first game for inspiration. I don’t think I’ve ever met an actual fan of this series, to be honest. Perhaps it’s like riding a Vespa…it's fun until your friends catch you doing it.

• As if the title wasn’t enough, this video adds to the innuendo of A Game with Balls by stating that you must “protect your cannon.” The potential for penis jokes at this moment is staggering, but I need to stop here. We’d be here all day otherwise.