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Star Wars: The Old Republic provides gamers the pleasure of athletic competition. The game also gives players the opportunity to shoot their competitors…something that would make American sports infinitely better in my opinion.

Video Blips:

• Known as Huttball, this PVP mode in Star Wars: The Old Republic has inter-faction teams fighting to deliver a ball to the enemy goal. I can't imagine passing is very common within a team that consist of both Sith and Republic players, but perhaps that's the point.

Continue after the break to see a badass luchador in Saints Row: The Third, the metagame aspects of End of Nations, and the horrific nightmares of AMY.


• Saints Row: The Third features a hulking, cocksure wrestler known as the Walking Apocalypse. I’m not sure if I would be intimidated or entertained by such a name.

• End of Nations is apparently a game that provides thousands of players the chance to battle for control of the world. I still don't understand exactly what it is, though; the guys in this video are just making random statements. What the hell does "it's a game of risk on steroids" even mean?

• A lot of horror titles feature a creepy kid as the villain, but AMY puts you in the shoes of one. You might be asking, "What's so spooky about her?" Well, all kids are ghoulish to me; they stare at me while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store. Freakin' sociopaths, they are.