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I actively abhor video-game remakes or reboots of any kind; I find them pointless in such young, creative medium. With that said, I am absolutely buying Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. You may now proceed to call me a hypocrite.

Video Blips:

• This is a nice comparison video of the original Halo: Combat Evolved to the upcoming Halo: Anniversary. I remember this stage in the game being pretty damn scary…and agitating. I hated the Flood.

Continue after the break for a look at Rage’s Gearhead Vault, a trailer on the mythological nightmares of The Secret World, and some footage of the horrors found in Aliens: Colonial Marines.


• I never bothered to say this before, but Rage looks freaking gorgeous. Really, it’s astonishing how vibrant and full of personality the game’s setting is. I get the feeling I’m going to enjoy Rage’s locales more than its gameplay.

• When I first saw The Secret World, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. The game’s premise is so interesting, yet it's so weird, that I don’t know how believable it will be to me. The Templars and Illuminati fighting in a world with chimeras and chupacabras? Huh?

• Some of the only games that I ever found scary were based on the Aliens franchise, so I doubt I’ll be playing Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s the beeping of that damn motion sensor that gets me — like a timer that’s counting down to my inevitably gruesome death.