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MetalGearOriginalI've come to grips with the fact that I quit games to often. To remedy this problem, I've created my very own Video Games Bucket List. These are games I must finish and now I have the motivation to do so. What's your video game bucket list?  List it in the comments section.


Game Comments Progress
MetalGearOriginal This was my first time playing the real original Metal Gear. The NES version was arguably my most favorite game of all time. This version had a few technical hiccups, but highlighted the fact that the boss-fight changes to the NES version were dumb. Still a great game! Completed
MetalGear2-SolidSnake I haven't picked this on up yet. I decided to jump in FFIX first. Not Started
2LMedia-FF9 Roughly 1.5hrs in. I dig it so far. Now Playing!
Persona3FES-2LMedia I got about half-way through this game about 3 years ago and quit. I loved playing this game, but never finished it because I tore down my gaming rig to build my music studio at the time. I was also 360 Achievement crazy by that point. I'm filing it under 'Not Started' since it requires a restart. Not Started
Nocturne-2LMedia I was bored out of my mind the last time I tried to play this, but I want to give it another shot. Not Started
DDS1n2-2LMedia Figured I might as well finish up all the Shin Megami games I have. Not Started
Rogue Galaxy Another restart that I quit several years ago. Not Started
Atlier Iris - 2LMedia And another. Although, I only played this one for about an hour before I quit, so it's more like I just sampled it. Not Started
Xenosaga2 - 2LMedia Strangely, I didn't enjoy Xenosaga 1 very much. But I've heard the series gets progressively better. I hope so. Not Started
Xenosaga 3 - 2LMedia See Xenosaga 2's write-up Not Started
Dark Cloud 2 - 2LMedia Heard this one was great. Not Started
Legend of Dragoon - 2LMedia I'm not sold that LoD is as great as it's niche fanbase has led me to believe. I hope it proves me wrong. Not Started
Dragon Quest VIII - 2LMedia I gave this one the ole college try back when it dropped. I dug it for awhile but was put off by the slow and simple combat system and how long level grinding took. I'm gonna come back at this one with a more open mind and hope to enjoy it as much as all my friends did. Not Started
Xenogears - 2LMedia Another game I quit on boredom. I can be quoted as saying, "I'd rather watch the Xenogears movie than play this boring, cutscene heavy game." But I did like the charm of the game and will give it another go. Not Started
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 2LMedia I am absolutely ashamed to admit that I never finished this game. I've logged 50+ hours playing this game easy. I just never stayed on task to finish it. Not Started

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