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While many of you are battling to the death about the Battlefield-Modern-Warfare dilemma (and scrounging down at each others' throats), I sit here patiently and anticipate both monstrous titles.

And what better way to break down the upcoming Call of Duty than open one's mind full of imagination and ponder what perks/kill streaks Infinity Ward can bring to the table?

If you were disgruntled by the fact that some of these mechanisms were a little too excruciating in its predecessor, guess again.

It sure becomes a little "perky" from here on out.

You're forewarned.

Perk Chart

 Icon  Name Category Description
Camo  Stealth Cold-Blooded and Ghost work well, but how about the ability to mask a stealth tool which enables you to construct a more blend-in environment tactic instead of just remaining hidden on the radar? Maybe alternative attire can be beneficial in the match.
Slider Speed Instead of the conspicuous dive in Black Ops, MW3 can feature a splendid baseball-slide move, similar to Crysis 2. Not necessarily a perk to feature, but maybe a stomping-offensive maneuver can be more effective.
Assassin Stealth This is where the craziness begins. It's rumored that an Assassin perk will be presented in Infinite Ward's upcoming game, but just think if you can lunge a devastating downward-attack from a crate or building, tackle your prey, then shank him in the neck (Halo Reach style).
Laser Sight Exposure A laser attachment on a gun seems meaningless. However, instead of just a sight enhancement, perhaps the add-on can work for locking in air strikes (like in the campaign), and even better, expose enemies on the UAV when your opponents are targeted.
Adrenaline Speed Forget Last Stand or Juggernaut, if you found yourself shifting near to death, a small boost provides a faster-pacing movement, which also grants quicker aim and reload ( á la Sleight of Hand). Yes, it's a slightly rip-off of Battlefield.


Kill Streak Chart

 Icon  Name # of Kills Required Category Description
Juggernaut 11

Ground attack

Many of you may find it to be cheap and over-the-top, but a player can have the ability to call in a Juggernaut. As it descends down the helicopter rope onto the battle-grounds,  your adversaries soil their pants and run away.
Bomb Dogs 11

Ground attack

It may not be original, but if they're going to strap C4 to these poor animals, why not let us control them? If they can do it with the RC-XD car, I'd bet a Nazi zombie's carcass they can feature this.
Submarine 7 Aerial attack This seems somewhat of a stretch, considering not all multiplayer maps are enclosed near water. But with the community bitching about how straight-forward the Harrier is to shoot down, nobody knows how the hell to take this out.
Virus 14 System-corruption

Similar to the EMP, this trips up enemy artillery (weapons, radar, etc.).

Rather than jamming the opposite team's UAV, their teammates are shown as red dots contradicting to the green arrows. Perhaps Intel will be corrupted, alerting an air strike is coming in (when actually, there's isn't one).

Satellite 11 Exposure

The Blackbird was one dirty and advanced way to monitor enemy movement.

What's better is to have the surveillance map transformed and juiced-up into an actual live-action satellite view across the entire level. Weak, unfair, and your team is pissed.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 25 Game Over

Never mind the AC-130 — this is the true king of all kill streaks.

If many of you thought the Nuke was overrated and hell-bent, in comes the giant-marshmallow sailor. It destroys everything in your path and the game abruptly ends.

That's what you get for camping and making s'mores.

*The Ghostbusters' star is considered DLC only. If you don't know the definition of sarcasm, well, never mind…

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