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The Wii has numerous shortcomings compared to other consoles this generation. However, one area Nintendo seems to be doing right is bundle packs for games.

One of the best examples is upcoming game Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. For just $70 gamers can get the game, a CD recording of the 25 anniversary concert for the Legend of Zelda, and a specially branded and painted Wii-Remote Plus. 

Considering there is probably a fan base willing to pay $70 for the controller and CD alone, this is one of the better deals out there.


Another game featuring a great pack that found its way onto Nintendo’s console was Monster Hunter Tri. For a $10 increase in price to $59.99, the game could be picked up with the new classic controller pro, which featured ergonomic handles.

By itself, the classic controller pro sold for $20, making this a pretty good deal. Especially since the CC Pro make huge improvements in comfort on its predecessor.

Despite receiving a cavalcade of negative reviews, Wii Play is one of the best selling Wii games – boasting over 26 million units sold – and why? Its success is largely due to being bundled with a Wii-Remote.

Controllers are expensive now-a-days. But offering a controller-game bundle for just $49.99? It makes sense to consumers. Even if Wii Play isn’t the greatest game ever – and it really isn’t – it definitely has at least a $10 value.

The Wii Motion Plus is a tough peripheral to sell. It’s ugly, shifts the weight of the controller and the average person doesn’t understand why it’s needed. Though, it is required for more precise controls in games such as Red Steel 2.  

Honestly, what better game is there to bundle with the Wii Motion Plus? You get to swing around the controller like a samurai sword and it copies your motion! Is there a more perfect way to advertise that? The deal gets even better when you consider how the add-on costs $25 on its own, but the game sells for $59.99.

The list goes on to include other titles such as: Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit. What sets all these apart from other bundles is not just a more affordable price, but also usefulness. Sure that statue of your favorite hero, or night vision goggles, seems pretty cool at first. But at what point does it turn from a sweet bonus, to junk taking up space?