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As any other kid with no life would do, I was surfing the web and came across some VERY interesting news. Apparently, a rather obscure developer who went by "Motrid" was creating a MineCraft server based on Harry Potter! Looking at the artwork and the design, I was actually pretty impressed and tried to seek out who the developer was. After only a few minutes, I discovered that it was one of my old friends who is a talented computer programmer, website designer and is considering getting a Deathly Hallows tattoo. Can't say he isn't dedicated.

Knowing how talented he is, I am promoting this server because I genuinely feel it could take off. I know I'll be playing on it when I get the chance! Considering how many MineCraft and Harry Potter fanatics there are, I'm pretty sure this server will be an acceptable substitute for Crack Cocaine!


Your letter has arrived! Purchase your wand! Visit Gringotts! Get your robes and your books! The first term of Hogwarts Online is about to begin!


For the first time, the beloved Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be available in live action in a multiplayer/online world. Hosted through Minecraft, you will be able to explore Diagon Alley, collect your books and equipment, visit classrooms, duel your friends, find your way through the Chamber of Secrets, and find each horcrux to defeat Voldemort!

Send your owl in at for a chance to enter the Alpha phase preview. Note that the preview will not have any functionality for the game. It will allow you to explore what has been created and get a sneak peak at what’s to come.

Beta registration will begin sometime in Winter 2011 (ranging from mid December to late January 2012). Please

We suggest the use of the Texture Pack for ALL users, as well as the Spoutcraft client plugin, which allows the server to customize all Minecraft items into items you would find in the Harry Potter world. Both are freely available through the website.

The server will be free to access. Donators will receive access to further levels and more content. Donating is cheap, easy, and it helps keep the server online for everyone to enjoy. If you like playing on the server, toss a few dollars to the admin (alias Mortrid).

Follow @_mortrid (username may soon change to @mortrid) on twitter and check for regular updates.

This server does not have any affiliation with Warner Brothers or the Harry Potter franchise. It is a stand alone project. All credit for the storyline and ideas, and or the server owner takes no credit towards the creativity behind the Harry Potter story (just the time it took to build the online world and script the server).