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Fusion: Genesis Bitmob

Captain's log: It's November 20, 2201. The professor is riding my ass again and cracking jokes at my expense while explaining how I operate this ship. Things are slow; I'm just collecting some items for the professor so he can complete some world-changing research.

Captain's log: Oh no! The professor has been taken — or worse, killed — by who knows what while I was returning to base. The ship was twice the size than most asteroids, and it nearly destroyed my ship in one hit with a laser. I maxed out my ship's boost and barely arrived at the transporter the professor opened for me and escaped to a quiet space base.

For now I'm guided by an Artificial Intelligence the professor put together — he must have known this would happen — and have met a man named Judah who is helping to guide me.

Quick question, log: Why is it that I am able to accomplish my duties as a spaceship pilot, mechanic and fighter, yet I never speak a word? Also, why is it that I am left to learn all of these deep operations and RPG mechanics on my own? A little help from the AI would have been nice… Jerk.

Captain's log: After only a handful of hours I've done away with that heap of garbage the professor called my ship. I swear that jerk only had me fly that bucket around so he could poke fun at me. Thankfully the Consortium Faction are kind to new recruits, and gave me a ship with some power and speed.

I need the boost as I've been completing mission after mission to build up credits and experience points to improve my ship and Sentients' skills.

Oh yeah, that Sentient seems to be key to whatever the professor was working on, but I thought they were just helpful little machines we used for extra firepower or healing our own ships.

Whatever. I just upgraded to the Spider 2 ship after hitting level 2 for the Consortium, and I'm just going to keep doing these side missions to save up for the next one and some lasers. I like lasers.

Plus, after Judah told me I am being chased by the Dark Legion, I feel like I'm going to need the extra firepower — especially when the Convocation (the collection of four alien species making up the good guys) supposedly pushed them to the brink of the solar system and kept them out with mines. Big ones that make big booms.

Captain's Log: I'm enjoying doing quick side missions. Sometimes the agents let me use some of their ships, and they make my shiny new ride look like a tin can out here. I've been saving up for some new weapons and debating on whether or not I should try a new ship model.


My current ship doesn't have a lot of power. What it lacks in it it makes up in speed, which I use quite often to escape or outrun my foes. In fact, it works quite well with my feign death skill, though I may start to develop skills from the other factions as I start to make inroads with them.

I'm sure I'll have to add a new ship to my collection eventually. Different ones have different advantages such as unlimited energy for the Sentients, or just a lot of defensive power that comes in handy when the numbers are against me (they often are). Come to think of it, I'm pretty alone out here.

Captain's log: Note to self: I'm not alone. I can battle against other ships that seem to pop into my section of space via this newfangled thing called Xbox Live. For now I will set the ship's player versus player capability to off.

Captain's log: I'll continue my adventure to find out why these shady individuals were after the professor and now want my head for a Christmas ornament. However, I notice I have just started to grind out missions for bigger and better gear. Every so often I have to rank up my faction level with story missions so I'm eligible for new ships, but I'm in no rush.

I'm going to take more time admiring the colors and variety of space now that I'm on my own. The bright blues rival even the greatest oceans… not that I've ever been on solid ground to see any. I think I'll be wondering around space for a bit just to see what's out there and mine some new ore.

Captain's log: Anyway, it's time for me to log off and start completing some missions. How else are these ships going to be protected, people going to be tracked, or evil-doers taken to justice. Taken to justice by laser, that is.