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As the holiday has finally set in and stores are having great sales on a variety of games, this is a great time to pick up some games that a lot us miss and although some will go into that holiday backlog, one thing is for certain.  Games are hotter than ever.
Though it really isn’t a big deal, its good to know that a lot games that have been on shelves for a while are selling like hot cakes.  Kinect is doing great but a lot of parents are weary about the games.  Sony’s move game series have gone quiet and the big titles that did come out has kind of fizzled out.  Madden, MW3, Batman: Ark City, and well, that’s about it.  Saints Row 3 has also gained some sales for this holiday season.  As for Assassin Creed Revelation, well, it’s been silent since it’s release.
The Leap Pad by Leap Frog is the hot toy that is having a Super Mario Bros. 3 moment with it being sold out everywhere and hard to find (and if people are buying it at a higher price just to have it, then they have the problem).  Leap Pad is a kids learning tablet with apps and other learning functions that also play some of leap frog’s older system games.  Consumers (well mostly moms and grannies) are asking everyday for this album and some stores have said they have just been out of stock.
Nintendo is making money over hand and foot.  Kirby, Mario, Zelda, Just Dance 3, 3DS, and even Go Vacation.  Of course Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are hot items, the DS is still selling out..  In all formats (some of the Lites are selling at various stores).  Sadly though, all of this has to be gone and space need to be made for the Wii U which will be interesting.
One game though that is still on shelves is Rayman Origins.  Let’s make that two.  That and Sonic Generation.  These two retro style games need some holiday love so I do hope it picks up before Christmas arrive (or whatever other people want to call it)
So as the holidays continue for the next few weeks, take a ride to a locale shop and pick up some great games for a great price.  You just might find your favorite game at a reasonable price.  Also to note that Skyrim is will be surprising when people really purchase the game (some of the Midwest haven’t touch it cause of Modern Warfare 3).