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Elvis Presley's voice, dance moves, and peculiar attire have influenced video-game designers for decades. Here are 10 titles with memorable references to the king of rock and roll.

Blue Suede Goo
Blue Suede Goo (ClayFighter)

Named after the 1956 song "Blue Suede Shoes," this Elvis impersonator beat the crap out of other clay brawlers with his hair, bloated belly, and horrible singing.

Dan Hibiki
Dan Hibiki (Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix)

Fighters in Super Gem Fighter often change outfits during combos. One of Dan's costumes resembles Mr. Dynamite, complete with a pompadour hairstyle.


THE Elvis.
Elvis Presley (Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure)

Bill and Ted's time-traveling phone booth lets them meet several historic figures like Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, and yes…Elvis the Pelvis.

Elviz (Rock 'N' Roll Adventures)

The main character from Conspiracy Entertainment's shovelware is called Elviz. Hilarious, right? You can purchase Rock 'N' Roll Adventures for about $5 and give it to someone you hate.

Elvis portrait.
Velvet Elvis (Fallout)

You can find a fuzzy painting of the Memphis Flash near a downed UFO in the original Fallout, fueling suspicions that extraterrestrials abducted Elvis.

Robo Elvis
Robo Elvis (Wayne’s World)

The only thing scarier than fat Elvis is a robotic fat Elvis. In a game where a purple space blob kidnaps Dana Carvey, a country-singing terminator makes perfect sense…NOT!

Tott (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

Tott is a lunatic from Windfall Island who thinks he can change day into night by swaying his hips to silent music in front of what appears to be a tombstone. This Elvis wannabe believes everyone loves his costume, but the bandage on his face tells a different story.

Johnny #5783 (Battle Circuit)

This Johnny fellow is really into Elvis Presley. Did I mention he is a wanted felon and is clinically insane? Battle Circuit is full of cooky characters. It's a shame Capcom never released the beat-em-up outside Japan and Europe.

Sabu (Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Ranto Hen)

The Cho Aniki (Super Big Brother) series comprises a bunch of homoerotic side-scrolling shooters, but Bakuretsu Ranto Hen (Laughing Violent Fray Chapter?) plays more like a fighting game. One of the unique warriors is Sabu, a flying, metallic Hillbilly Cat with a freaking pagoda attached to his back. I dare not research this character any further.

Elvis (Perfect Dark)

Elvis is a super-intelligent being from a distant planet. He wears a US flag-themed vest and loves everything about Earth, including Graceland's Chief. What is it with Elvis and aliens?