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A while back, I was watching a play through of Snatcher.  Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece on the Sega CD that many have claimed one of his most top works that didn’t get the recognition on the Sega CD due to a limited release and Sega CD lifespan dying out.  I watch the whole thing as a adventure game, it was one the most well voice acted, story driven, and plain loving characters.  Not only was the story just attention grabbing, the music was years above the rest in game industry.  I just had one problem with the game
It was influence by Blade Runner (which some say it took Blade Runner and made it into a game).
Blade Runner was a pointless and terrible movie.
I recently watch Blade Runner and wow, how nonsensical and inconsistent the movie was.  Even though it has a cult following, the basis of the movie was finding some androids that went wrong and came back to earth.  The police chief wants a retired detective to “retire” these droids.  From there, it’s uninteresting force moments.
So what in this movie influence Snatcher?  I can say for one thing is the prime story.  Kojima and his team made a way better story that made the game flow right.  Ridley Scott and his team on the other hand just did technical things center around a ho hum story.  
The problem with Blade Runner is that Harrison Ford had no character depth as a detective.  The writers didn’t set up many scenarios for him to be a detective and use his skills.  I understand he used some to find the first Replicant, but after that it was mind numbing dull.  The purpose of the replicants?  I assume was to live longer.  The only one who had that interest was the character Roy (Rutger Hauer).  That’s what I got from it.
Snatcher on the other hand was better than being a game. I think it overshadow Blade Runner.  Snatcher characters had depth, personality, was easier to understand.  You begin to understand the characters and even the Snatchers.  Gillian Seed voice actor brought him to life with a script that was really localized with a Hollywood approach in mind.  Since it is a adventure game, the detective skills (game play mechanic) was used to progress the story.
I believe if Blade Runner has a sequel or a remake comes up, I think the Wachowski Bros. would make a perfect fit.  People would assume it’ll be a Matrix rip-off but I think they can make it fresh and more convincing of a story.  With today’s technology and sound and cinematography, the neo-noir film would be what it needed to be.
It might just be me and I might have missed the interpretation of themes and the other important things this cult film has produce but I couldn’t see Blade Runner being a great film others have claim.  On the other hand, without it, Snatcher might have not been created.