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Remember that Legend of Zelda commercial where a teenager and his 14-year-old grandfather rap a few bars about how rad it was to kill octoroks? Not so pretty.

Clearly, hip hop and video games didn’t mix well early on. However, both art forms have evolved, and some talented artists have created phenomenal video game remixes over the years.

With more than 14 releases over the course of nearly two and a half decades, the Final Fantasy franchise offers fertile ground for up-and-coming producers to turn the critically-acclaimed soundtracks into dope ass beats.

Here are five YouTube hip hop remixes of Final Fantasy songs that are worth checking out, even if you're not a big fan of rap and/or hip hop.

1. Final Fantasy 13: Lightning’s Theme


Lightning’s Theme has been remixed to death on YouTube, but this one, which doesn’t have as many views as others, is hands-down the best. The hook is soaring and the overall pacing is fantastic.

Ideal Rapper: Though he’s not a rapper, Frank Ocean could croon out an epic chorus on top of this beat.

2. Final Fantasy 8: Liberi Fatali

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God. Damn.

Super intense beat with a high-profile hook. Stellar remix which samples one of the most iconic Final Fantasy intros to date. I can listen to this all day.

Ideal Rapper: This beat screams murder prose from the diabolical Slim Shady. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s ripped a video game beat.

3. Final Fantasy 7: Fighting

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This remix is absolutely dirty. Once the beat drops, my head doesn’t stop rocking until the 3:09 mark. If this was the music that played during every annoying random encounter in Final Fantasy 7, I’d be happy walking about the overworld ready to grind out some levels. The beat just syncs so well with the pace of the original song. To whoever made this: bravo.

Ideal Rapper: The second I heard it, I immediately thought of Busta Rhymes tongue-twisting over this. My gut reaction was confirmed when looking at the comments section: “Busta Rhymes Materia.”Yelawolf wouldn’t be bad for this beat either.

4. Final Fantasy 6: Terrah's Theme

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Though it’s short and simple, this remix excels with its old-school, chilled-out vibe. The beat has just enough sampling, added effects, and drums.

Ideal Rapper: Rappers like Nas and Mos Def made their names off laid-back beats such as this.

5. Final Fantasy 13: Serah's Theme

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I’m featuring him twice on this list, but L Rello’s remixes are just a step above most others on YouTube. This kid’s talent of reimagining these songs is unbelievable. Like Kanye West, L Rello has a vision of the end product that goes beyond simply putting a beat to nice songs.The result is something special.

The producer had a few other great Final Fantasy remixes but he’s taken them down recently.

Ideal Rapper: Though the beat's got a Southern vibe, because of the backing track, it sounds ideal for Drake.

If you know of any other solid Final Fantasy hip hop remixes, post it in the comments as I’d love to hear the ones I may have missed.

Who knows, these beats could one day be hits. Just ask Wiz Khalifa. I might not like his rapping style, but I can't deny that the man has an ear for great beats.

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