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It amazes me to see where games have been and where they are going.  From goofy to realistic to new graphical artwork.  To see how pixilated Link been transformed in various ways to what is Skyward Sword’s look of him.  The Unreal Engine Epic has used in their games to what Square Enix has planned for their future titles.  I love art work and I have given many reasons on why I love it. 
So what is there else to see?
I know Epic has a new engine and Dues Ex Human Revolution was beautiful with color scheme but what other art form is there to show? 
Surprisingly, I think Nintendo might have the answer.  
I think what they did in Kirby’s Epic Yarn  was fantastic.  It was something that has never been done nor would any other touch it.  The use of yarn and patch work was not only adorable but it was eye catching.  Like Okami, it’s a new form of art that I hope is revisited soon.
Nintendo, in my opinion, takes pride in many elements in their games and graphical style is something that receives a balance among them.  We all love the Windwaker style (which was a bit bolder than Jet Set Radio) and Retro did a amazing job with Metroid Prime.  Creating a world that is connected look so real and alien.  In the SNES days, the FX chips was helpful but what Nintendo has done with their artwork in games continues to please me.
Not to knock any other company (Square has some of the best CG scenes to date) but I think they don’t have that balance in graphics.  Nor would they take a risk of trial and error.  I don’t fault them for they do have a business to run but I would love to see something else from them in graphics.  Stories are getting better.  Gameplay is getting better.  Some voice acting need work but even that is improving.
As I look forward in this HD era of gaming (and knowing that the next systems will bring terrific graphics) I want companies to try expressing different use of art.  Hotel Dusk could be done on consoles now.  Phoenix Wright could make a splash on Wii U.  Team Ico (if they are still around) can take PS4 by storm with their creative minds.  Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions can finally make a Akira Style (or Ghost In The Shell) IP that might actually get us Western gamers more into Japanese culture.  Just something that we haven’t seen or had seen but better.