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Let's cut straight to the chase. Resident Evil 5 was not good. The best thing about Resident Evil 5 was the graphics. The story was wack. The plot spends the whole time trying to surprise you, but I saw the plots twists coming from a mile away. The clues were so obvious. You would think a game with a weak plot would have a great gameplay. Unfortunately that's not the case with Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil hasn't been the same since they switched the style up and become an action game. The action formula worked great when it was introduced in Resident Evil 4, but by the time it hit Resident Evil 5 it was redundant. Resident Evil 5 is basically a co-op version of Resident Evil 4. If Resident Evil wants to be an action game, it should at least be good. Resident Evil 5 is a mediocre action game at best. Resident Evil 5 couldn't hold it's weight with action games such as Grand Theft Auto or Gears of War.

I am hopeful for Resident Evil 6. One of the main characters is Leon Kennedy. Leon has a track record for being in great Resident Evil games. Resident Evil 2 is arguably the best game in the series, and Resident Evil 4 is a classic. If he's coming back for Resident Evil 6 that's a good sign. The trailer for Resident Evil 6 looks like another action adventure game. A lot of quick time moves are shown throughout the trailer. I really hope they incorporate survival horror aspects into Resident Evil 6 like their doing in Resident Evil: Revelations. I'll definitely be picking Resident Evil 6 up when it's released on November 20th 2012. If it's another disappointment I might be done with this series.