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Well, that came out of nowhere.

2012 looks to be the year of Resident Evil as the sixth entry in the popular series was recently announced and accompanied by a three-minute long trailer shortly after.

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Resident Evil 6 will hit stores on November 20, a few months after the release of the Nintendo 3DS title Resident Evil: Revelations and March’s co-op heavy Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Information is understandably scarce aside from the release date and a short blurb from Capcom, but here are five things we can take away from the reveal trailer. Obviously, spoilers from the trailer follow.

1. Stepping into the future

Resident Evil 4 was a landmark title for third-person shooters back in 2005. Unfortunately, video games age like dogs and a little under two years later, Gears of War further refined the genre.

Resident Evil 4

Too bad no one let Capcom know because, once again, the characters controlled like tanks by the time Resident Evil 5 dropped in 2009.

Luckily, the trailer for RE6 shows the use of a cover system and more flexible movement. Hopefully that includes strafing since it’s not clear whether or not the characters perform the elusive move during the trailer.

2. Survival-horror

RE5 could’ve gotten away with having archaic controls had the game been at least slightly scary. Alas, we were instead subjected to upper-cutting boulders and sunlight (ugh).

RE6 looks to be the sequel RE4 deserved. Though the action is hitting 11 in the trailer, the Leon sections seem to be much more subdued and isolated.

Early reviews of Revelations mention a boatload of action (pun intended), but ammo scarcity returns, injecting the series with some much needed tension.

3. ZombiesResident Evil Zombie

Though the sections of the trailer involving Chris show the parasitic virus of Resident Evil 4 and 5, the parts that include Leon look to be more like the zombies of old.

The city of Tall Oaks seems to be a spiritual successor to Raccoon City, which includes the use of thousands of normal zombies. (Because for Resident Evil, zombies are considered normal.)

It’s been years since the inclusion of the series’ original enemy, but if RE6 is indeed the return of zombies, then they appear to be returning in grand ol' fashion.

4. Embracing the crazy

The disasters of previous entries have always been on a smaller, more focused scale – which is odd from a series that’s as passionately insane as it is. The franchise looks like it’s finally bringing the crazy to a global scale with a zombified United States President, more explosive action, and China as a major setting.

No lonesome mansion, or fictional city, or disconnected African villages, or mysterious island; the whole world is intertwined in the bizarre Resident Evil saga now.

5. Genius of Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 PlayStation (PS1)

One of the most exciting features of the earlier Resident Evil games was playing through the story as different characters and seeing the horror unfold in new ways. The second title in the series really took advantage of this idea and was praised highly for it at the time.

With the March release of the co-op heavy Operation Raccoon City, it seems RE6 will forego the teamwork and will instead follow its 3DS cousin in giving the player control of different characters throughout its narrative.

There appears to be three main characters with three distinct playing styles driving the story.

Leon looks to be traversing through the city of Tall Oaks, which gives off a very old-school, survival-horror vibe.

Chris is picking up where he left off with the high-octane, chaotic action, only this time in a devastated China.

The third character seems to be both charismatic and extremely important, but he is also traveling with a companion who I believe is Ashley. Obviously, that means more of the escorting from RE4, which actually worked for the title. The unknown third character is also shown tearing through enemies with hand-to-hand combat.

So what do you guys think? Excited for a new Resident Evil? A little worried since RE6 will be the third Resident Evil released in 2012? Sound off in the comments.