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A few observations and random thoughts…

Leon appears to be giving quivery-lipped orders to a zombified Mr. President, as if it would somehow un-zombie him. You'd think he'd be above such stupidly naive (and dramatically cliched) behavior by now.

There is very little gameplay on display here which, though I understand that modern game trailers are frequently very cinematic, I find a little worrisome.

It feels like they're trying specifically to invoke the peak of the series' popularity, Resident Evil 4, by returning to Leon, who also starred in their recent (and somewhat terrible) CGI movie. Yes, Claire was in that too, but she spent most of the movie either mothering an annoying kid or getting injured and acting as gimped technical support.

The voice acting sounds a million times better than any other Capcom game I can remember. Someone at Capcom finally understands that this matters, perhaps?.

I can't get a sense from the video of whether Leon is still moving using tank controls, though it appears he's probably still using a lot of quick time events to fight hand to hand. If Leon is still using tank controls though, I think we can say that Japanese developers are officially beyond helping.

The ability for modern game graphics to pretty much look as good as their pre-rendered cutscenes makes for some much more seamless storytelling, though if players end up watching more of the action than doing it, they'll get pretty quickly pissed off at this, I think.

The uncanny valley effect is much harder to spot when you only see it in three-second long or less bursts of random imagery.

These days it feels like hardcore Western fans of Japanese game design are some of the biggest apologists in the gaming community. If this turns out to be somewhat of a polished turd, as Resident Evil 5 was, they will flock to defend it in droves.