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  This past Tuesday, Sony held a little event in the lower east side of NYC for people to come and get some nice hands on time with the PlayStation Vita. The event was held inside a small cafe place, nice couches and little wooden coffee tables welcomed us. 

  Once inside I searched for the one Vita that had a demo of Uncharted The Golden Abyss. Two Demo levels were available to me, I played one where Drake had to give sniper cover to some girl escaping. Aiming felt weird and as much as it's finally nice to have two joysticks, they felt too loose for my liking. One thing I kinda like was that while I was in scope aiming, the shakiness of my scope was dictated by how steady I held the Vita. The game played like every other Uncharted, you run around shoot people and climb stuff. Graphics were good but not PS3 level. They looked like very high res PSP graphics, not saying its bad but not as mind blowing as I heard people saying.

  I played another game called  Reality Fighter, it was an AR game. Depending how I held up the Vita dictated my view of the fight. The fighting was fast paced and very button smashy, one funny thing was the fighters. I picked a zombie fighting a ballerina, it looks like you can take pictures of your face and put them on the characters. 

  As nice as it is to see Sony finally doing events for the PlayStation brand, it was kinda poorly run. There were no control lay outs for any of the games, the people there running the event would just ask you what you wanted to play and show you to it instead of showing you how to play. I hate to sound like such a hater or snob but the biggest disappointment was the Vita. Its a lot bigger then the PSP, almost as big as the old Sega Game Gear. It was surprisingly very light and the touch screen worked like a charm but sadly the buttons and joy sticks felt very cheap or small. I don't know why they couldn't just keep the buttons the same size and feel as the PSP. 

  In the end I walked away from this event with no interest in buying a Vita any time soon. Looks like the 3DS will be my next hand held whenever I have the money for it. Hopefully Sony does a revise of the Vita with better controls because it is a nice hand held with a lot of potential.

Danny M