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Being colorblind isn't fun. Some of my friends are colorblind, and though they live just fine with it, they still find it frustrating at times.

Nexuiz (pronounced Nexus), the new House Party Xbox Live Arcade game from IllFonic, makes being colorblind infuriating. It's one of the game's mutators, or special power-ups that can be activated to change the game, and it's what I spent most of my time in while playing.

That, and looking for someone to frag.

The game is similar to Quake — it was first developed as a mod to Quake, actually, by developer Alientrap. Players take control of the Kavussari and Forsellians in fast-paced first person shooter combat in maps that are not vertically challenged.

Nexuiz image

It all felt very… bland. The level I was in seemed too large, and the Color Blind mutator lasted too long — and was very annoying to have to look at.

It's a mutator, and it's supposed to be annoying, so it should be something I can get used to. Color Blind aside, other mutators sounded much more fun.

The best one a Microsoft representative told me about would allow a player to jump off a stage, and switch places with the enemy. This is both cruel and effective.

Nexuiz actually didn't hold my attention too well. I couldn't help but think that the game would be a lot more fun with a mouse and keyboard, and without a mutator making everything different shades of gray. Graying everything out was a shame; the colors and art design gives off a slick Halo and Gears of War vibe.

Nexuiz is scheduled to release during the Xbox Live's House Party promotion on Feb. 29 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Though it may not be my cup of tea, gamers who want to get their Unreal Tournament and Quake fix should keep an eye out for this arena shooter.