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After that whole Super Mario Bros. movie debacle, it’s no surprise that Nintendo hasn't allowed Hollywood to make a film based on The Legend of Zelda. Can you imagine how it might turn out? Hyrule in a neon-tinged futuristic Tokyo, Link played by Robert Pattinson…it’s all just too terrible to even contemplate.

While studio executives may never get an opportunity to take Nintendo’s classic franchise and put it on the big screen, that hasn’t stopped YouTube user Coloniser from creating his own short films involving everyone’s favorite green-clad elf. The Internet auteur behind the wildly popular short Zelda: Dark Sage (nearly 1.5 million views to date) is back with a brand new teaser trailer for the conclusion of his epic trilogy – this one entitled Dark Sage: Finale.

The new clip features roughly a minute-and-a-half of footage showcasing the characters and some of the film’s action. For a CG feature made by one person, it looks impressive. It’s amazing to see how far technology has come in the past fifteen years. Back in the late ‘90s, creating a film like this would have required a whole studio, now it can be done by a handful of individuals with relatively affordable technology. Progress is a wonderful thing.

Have a peek at the trailer below, then be sure to swing by Coloniser’s Facebook page to keep abreast of when the full Dark Sage: Finale feature will be available for viewing.