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I love games.  I love the fantasy, grinding, comedic timing, and the art.  So much that I appreciate about it and when I read other gamers input about video games, I know what level they are on and understand their opinions on a range of topics.  In this age of evolving games, I wonder will there every be more younger gamers expressing their love, hate, ideas for video games in general. I want to hear how they play Madden like a RPG or going back and seeing how funny Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is not only fun but the dialogue is laugh out loud.
Where does it all begin for them?  Of course they can talk about games of today but would they be willing to expand their horizons by asking their parents to buy them something that looks interesting compared to what a friend has?  I believe our future gamers need to express more of their view on how the death of their hero character effected them and compare it to other things.  A voice is great to hear but a expressive and well wrote out opinion goes further.
I also would love to hear their views about music and what they want out of a games story.  Blowing up stuff is okay and decapitating a enemy in a stylistic way is nice but what deeper connection to how they view that and seeing what imagery that they think developers can take it further would be something we older gamers might be surprisingly something we never thought about.  
So younger gamers and writers, please express more of your work in this gaming culture.  I want to read more of what you think of games and try to develop a understanding that’s your own so that we other veteran gamers may find interest.