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Mass Effect 2Here at Bitmob, we like to write. We know you do, too. In fact, you guys pump out so much great content that some of it gets lost in the abyssal depths of the Mobfeed. And it's scary down there. (Seriously, I think I saw a kraken in there once.)

So to save you the trouble and from a possible horrific death, we bring these valuable articles to you in a feature called Hidden Gems. Similar to our weekly Spotlights, these are unedited stories that didn't quite make the front page but are worth highlighting…but perhaps these have fallen between the cracks after some time.

In this edition of Hidden Gems, since Mass Effect 3 is about to drop next week, we're featuring older articles about Commander Shepard and the colorful crew of the Normandy. Check 'em out below. Or take your chances with the kraken. 

Return of the Mass: Resuming Mass Effect 2
By Raymond Williams

Raymond gives an account of his return to Mass Effect 2 after a protracted break (or, as he puts it, "flirting" and "cavorting" with other games). He describes his difficulty in jumping back into such a detailed world. That's definitely one of the downsides to a game like Mass Effect — if you have to stop playing for a while, it's much harder to start again.

A missed, Mass opportunity
By Mike Suszek

Mike highlights the story of Shiala, a key figure in the first Mass Effect that provokes a significant moral decision. But Mike says the game didn't impress enough of that choice's gravity. It was only after reading a novelization that filled in the gaps that Mike felt the full force of his actions. Interesting read.

And my favorite supporting video-game character of all time is….
By Josh Finderup

Josh sings the praises of Mass Effect 2's Subject Zero: Jack. He points to her subversive nature (even in her traditionally masculine name) and her surprising depth. "I saw that beneath her hardened exterior is a woman who desires affection despite her defensive, cocky, and standoffish demeanor," he writes.

Mass Effect 2 is a disappointing sequel
By Richard Bywater

Richard criticizes the second Mass Effect title for its lack of ambition. He argues that its stripped-down nature, while making the game more accessible, also makes it less memorable. "The choices made by BioWare have taken away things that enhanced the game despite their faults," he writes. "You may call it streamlining, but that doesn’t justify it."

Mass Effect's dude looks like a lady on my TV screen
By Jessica Severs

These days, the FemShep crowd (those who choose to play Shepard as a woman) is louder than ever. When Jessica wrote this, she was considering the possibility of a Mass Effect movie…and the likelihood that the leading role would be male. "If the movie studio casts some buzz-cut macho man…then fine," she argues, "but it will never be Mass Effect, because it won't star my Shepard."