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I'm in a tornado watch right now, which is more confusing than scary. If this is the last thing anyone hears from me, though, know this: Drive deserved more Oscar recognition, and that wasn't even the best song from The Muppets.

News Blips:

Android and iOS app developer RC3 is suing Justin Bieber. The lawsuit comes in response to a cease-and-desist letter from the 17-year-old gajillionaire's lawyers which accuses RC3 of "trademark infringement, unfair competition under the Lanham Act and under state law, dilution, false designation of origin, passing off, misappropriation of name for commercial purposes, misrepresentation, violation of publicity, and interference with … contractual obligations to third parties" in connection with its app, Joustin' Beaver. In the game, the titular lance-wielding Castorida paddles down a river, dueling "Photo-Hogs" and signing "otter-graphs," which is totally what Justin Bieber does every day of his life. RC3 claims that the app is a parody subject to First Amendment protection, mainly because it is. [Gamasutra]

Killzone 3The multiplayer part of Killzone 3 is now available as a separate download for free — kinda. Starting today, you can head over to the PlayStation Store and snag the standalone mode without all that pesky plot to get in the way. The download includes all available maps and game modes and is free to play through the first nine "ranks." The full unlock costs 15 dollars and allows access to clans, custom games, bot matches, and double experience points for 24 hours. [PlayStation Blog]

HBO Go is coming to Xbox 360 on April 1. The premium streaming service will give you one more non-interactive thing to do with your gaming console, provided you are an HBO subscriber and your cable and Internet providers allow you to use it. Xbox 360 owners who meet all of these conditions will have access to the app just in time to never see another new episode of Hung or Bored to Death. [Engadget]