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Normally I find the leap year to be very exciting, but now all I can see it as is an extra day between me and Mass Effect 3.

News Blips:

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard plans to layoff 600 employees. The global company said that these cuts were required to adjust its workforce to “current organizational needs.” Decoded, that probably means that the demand for support in World of Warcraft has decreased since the number of players has dropped from 12 million to about 10.3 million. Although 10 percent of the affected jobs are related to development, Blizzard claims that its current release schedule won’t be negatively impacted. When your official to-do list is basically, “I don’t know. We’ll get Diablo 3 to you when we’re feeling up to it,” it’s got to be pretty easy to stick to. [ShackNews]

News Blips: Nintendo doesn't want IsaacThe Binding of Isaac developer claims that Nintendo won’t allow the indie game on the 3DS eShop due to its religious themes. Edmund McMillen, one half of the team that created Super Meat Boy, is the man responsible for The Binding of Isaac, which takes many themes from the biblical story of Abraham. In that parable, God asks Abraham to sacrifice his only son to prove his faith. McMillen’s take on the story has baby Isaac escaping to a basement to avoid his mother who wishes to sacrifice him. “Nintendo is saying that Isaac can’t ever exist on the 3DS eShop,” McMillen tweeted. “I did hear that [Nintendo] didn’t care about any blasphemy in games, but cared more about religion period and how something based on the Bible might affect things…honestly, it was a pretty muddy response.” It seems McMillen is saying that the game’s proximity to the Old Testament is the problematic issue and not exactly that the story blasphemes against the religion. I, for one, am not surprised. I found Super Meat Boy very offensive thanks to the way it depicted my religion….

Activision will release Modern Warfare 3’s Content Collection #1 for Xbox 360 users on March 20. Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers have been rolling in the new maps for a few weeks now. Unfortunately, the COD underclass who haven’t joined the $50 premium-services club will have to wait until the end of winter before getting the chance to purchase the four multiplayer maps and two Spec Ops missions. Elite Premium subscribers on Xbox 360 will get the Spec Ops and last multiplayer levels on March 13. If this release follows previous trends, PS3 and PC users will have to wait an additional 30 days before they get access to the Content Collection #1. 

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