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In 1986, I was in my local Aladdin’s Castle arcade and a game called Kid Niki was one of their new titles they were debuting.  Nobody was playing it so I decided to give the game a go because it looked amazing and fun.  When I started the game, I was kind of weary of the story because I didn’t know what it was about but I didn’t care.  I start the game and press the attack button and was shock to see a sword spin and these Shy guy looking ninja’s attacking.  It was goofy yet addictive and then when I got to the boss, I saw this Big Trouble In Little China style boss and was fascinated to see this goofy big headed boss.  It was amazing yet frustrating and never got a chance to beat him.  A year later the game came to the NES and I actually beat him and the game in a whole 2 hour play through.
It was one of the best gaming moments for me   In fact, I still remember that amazing boss and love the challenge he gave me.
Recently, I picked up Medal Of Honor for PS3 and ran through most of the game in good amount of time.  From the excellent sound, movie presentation, and for once, a next gen moment of fun for me, that Kid Niki moment resonated with me.  I have been blown what Dice have develop and invested in MOH.  This for me was the fact that the game wasn’t over the top or flashy for fan sake.  It actually got everything right.
Not being a big FPS player, I can actually say that equals the enjoyment of the Metroid Prime series.  I felt that with all the content that is in MOH, it mixes a idea of cinema and game presentation together.  Like the trailers and just the look of Dues Ex, I wanted this game to be a movie with a District 9 feel that came to the theater.  That’s how right they got it.  
The game incorporates the element of a nice flow, a great story, amazing Sony quality sound (and DICE is not joke with their sound), and it makes me want to play and enjoy the fun.  Its Mature, it matters, and it doesn’t feel unbelievable to the point its laughable.  It something that the game Black should’ve been.
It has a Nintendo design to it but it set itself aside where the game has characters and music that’s memorable to hear and connect with.  Like Kid Niki, the bosses, levels, goofy enemies, and make your own story within the level before saving the princess, I don’t find that much with a lot of modern games but I found it with Medal Of Honor.
It’s a odd connection but that’s how people feel when a game get a lot of things right that help make a game personally enjoyable and fun.