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I need to admit something, there are only three games out of the many games I have played that I can say I have achieved "achievement perfection". Those games are Call of Duty 4, TES IV: Oblivion, and now I can add Bastion to this list.

Bastion is the beautifully crafted action RPG developed by Supergiant Games. In it you play as The Kid, a loner, a nobody, within seconds becomes the only hope to restore the Bastion by trudging through what little remains of the post-Calamity world in front of him. The world is slowly rebuilt before every step you take and is narrated by one of the only survivors you meet on the Bastion.

This game immediately had me hooked the second I started it up. The beautiful graphics, the music, and of course the great game play come together to make this an unforgettable experience. It also made it easy to stick around to get the 12 achievements this game offers. Unlike the other two games I mentioned I never felt like I was forcing myself to get these achievements which was a nice change from the hours of frustration other games put you through like Super Meat Boy or Call of Duty's' infamous Mile High Club. I almost immediately started up New Game+ after beating it and was very pleasantly surprised to see that there was many difficulty modifiers that made the game play feel challenging and fresh. The very last achievement I unlocked was "Altruist" which is awarded after you complete all vigils in the memorial, which is where the games optional challenges are located.

As I type this I am pondering what game I should try to "perfect" next, And I can't think of any. I admit that most games are too much of a time sink for me to try and complete. Even a game like Skyrim, which I can play for hours, makes me sigh when I see that I must reach level 50 to get an achievement. All in all I wouldn't call myself an achievement hunter at all, as you probably already deduced I am the exact opposite. I just needed a reason to write about Bastion. Thanks for reading.