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Bitmob's Big 10

We're a little late on February's Big 10…but we figured you're probably all so busy shooting Reapers with Commander Shepard that you wouldn't mind. (Yes, Garrus, I'm on my way — just let me finish this first!)

Anyway, we've got a stellar list for you this month. Our authors are a mix of relative Bitmob rookies and long-time site stalwarts. They've covered a diverse range of current topics and delved into excellent analysis and criticism. Also, Donkey Konga is involved. So, you know, there's that. 

Here are the most-read community stories for February 2012:

10. Why good writing won't save games by Steven Sukkau

9. Sexism in portrayals of video-game characters by Stephen Crane

8. Buying games on release day might be a bad idea by Kahlief Adams

7. Developers need to stop recycling game experiences by Winson Shuen

6. How many 160ths of the way are you through Final Fantasy 13-2? by Robert Wiesehan

5. Shame is plastic: 6 gaming accessories of dubious quality by André Bardin

4. Why I hate L.A. Noire's protagonist, Cole Phelps by Nick Kummert

3. Download these 5 PSP games onto your PlayStation Vita by Tristan Damen

2. Role-playing games are perfect for iOS by Daniel Sims

1. BioWare provides a compelling argument to buy Mass Effect 3 used by Matthew Anfuso

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