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Welcome everybody to the first mobile game review. These will come every so often so I hope someone gets some use out of these. Anyway on to the review.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see triple town is a simple connect three puzzle game with cute bears. I had heard some great things about this game so I downloaded it yesterday and played it, and I can't stop.

This is the first mobile game I have become addicted to and can't put down. The concept is simple, connect three of any of the varieties of grass, bushes, trees, houses, and other things and get points. This takes a unique approach to the average connect three game though.

Your "board" is a small little area of plains where you will start off with some trees, a house or two, and maybe a bear. What you wanna do is connect three similar things to create something better. For example, combine three grass and get a bush, three bushes turns into a tree, trees into a village and so on. There are also bears who will obstruct your spaces and not let you place anything. You can kill these bears by trapping them turning them into tombstones, which can then create a chapel. It sounds simple and in a way it is, but the number of combinations and strategies does add a nice bit of depth to the mobile game.

The game is very simple, which unfortunately doesn't give the game much variety. You will always be on the same "board" and will always have the same trees, grass, etc, which could make the game a little dull after a while.

All in all I think the game accomplishes what it sets out to do in the confines of mobile gaming and provides a solid thirty minute, every few hours a day, fun that people look at mobile games to provide. I highly recommend  this game.

Rating: 4.5/5