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I'm watching the infamous 1990 "horror" "movie" Troll 2 while I work on these News Blips. Sometimes, I feel like my writing isn't good enough, and watching terrible actors screech out the worst dialogue ever shat out of a word processor provides valuable perspective.

News Blips:

Assassin's Creed 3 Special EditionsDeveloper Ubisoft announced three Europe-exclusive Assassin's Creed 3 special editions today. Our friends in those places where the history comes from will have plenty of nerdy options when the game comes out in October. The "Freedom Edition" (£79.99 on consoles, £59.99 on PC) will include a 9-inch figure of AC3 protagonist Connor along with a collectible George Washington notebook, a lithograph, two single-player missions and some multiplayer content. The "Join or Die Edition" (£64.99 on console, £34.99 on PC) includes one of the Freedom Edition's single-player missions, the multiplayer pack, Washington's notebook, and a medallion (for those who think that a statue is a bit much but are not above bling). The cutesy-name-free Special Edition will come with an exclusive single-player mission and an unlockable weapon. No word yet on what North Americans can expect to find in their oversized game boxes. [Joystiq]

Xbox 360 owners received a trio of new video apps today. If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership and your Internet and TV providers allow it, you can now access Comcast Xfinity TV, HBO Go, and through your console. Earlier this week, the L.A. Times reported that people use the 360 more for movies and music than gaming, and the new software will certainly help that trend to continue. Most importantly, people are almost out of reasons not to have seen The Wire. [Engadget]

Epic Games has revealed the Unreal Government Network, a deal that will put Unreal Engine 3 at the disposal of U.S. and allied government agencies. Projects created through the UGN include anesthesiology training software and crime scene simulations for the FBI Academy, the latter of which will train the future of law enforcement to track down and apprehend the world's shiniest, most improbably muscled criminals. [Gamespot]

Developer Irrational Games has revealed the fourth and final "Heavy Hitter" for BioShock Infinite. The Siren plays upon the idea of seances, which were apparently all the rage at the turn of the 20th century. She manifests as the ghost of a singer, whose music is capable of raising defeated enemies from the grave. In the announcement video (below) Ken Levine, Creative Director for Irrational, describes the tactical decision the new enemy class presents: "Do I deal with the Siren, because if I kill her, then all of the enemies she brought back will also return to their graves, or do I deal with the guys who are actually shooting at me?" I don't know about that; I've played enough Team Fortress 2 to know that that isn't much of a question at all. [US Playstation Blog]