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Now I don't how many of you actually care about what I am playing on a weekly basis but I thought maybe posting one of these every other week or so might be fun. Here I will chronicle my video game endeavors on a weekly basis and give you a rundown of the games themselves. Hope you enjoy reading.


Tales of Vesperia


 In the world of Japanese action RPG's one series always stood out to me. And those were the Tales games. I have already had some experience in the Tales series, playing Tales of Symphonia and Phantasia, both of which were some of my favorite RPG experiences. I am only around 5 hours into this installment but it feeling a lot like Symphonia, which isn't a bad thing in the least. So far its provided me my JRPG and although the pacing is a bit slow at the beginning its starting to pick up. Hopefully it lasts in this 60 hour adventure.


Shadow Complex



If you haven't noticed I am playing some older games this week. It's mostly due to the fact that I have been craving the genres these games are placed in. Shadow Complex is a Metroidvania type game. For those who don't know what that is its a type of games that are usually action-platformers that have you revisiting many of the same areas in order to access new power-ups, and sections by using a power you didn't previously have.

I must say my time with Shadow Complex has been quite the joy. Its platforming is good, combat is satisfying, and there are plenty of secret areas and power-ups that gives the game some replay value. Its been a long time since I have played a Metroidvania style game, the last one being Order of Ecclesia for the DS. I feel as though I am nearing the end of this game and will probably finish it up sometime this week. For anyone looking for a good arcade game to buy I highly recommend this game, well worth the 1200 Xbox dollars.


Draw Something


Yes, I am one of the millions of people playing this simple, yet addicting game. At first, I admit, I was ashamed of it, refusing to accept that a game like this could draw me in (not a pun I swear) as much as it did.  Although not to take anything from the now Zynga owned OMGPOP, this game is a fun little time passer and its not like its bad or anything, I just have always told myself "I am a true gamer, casual games are to casual for me" and now here I am, drawing apples and P-Diddy hoping that the person won't break his phone because of the terrible excuse for art that's in front of him. Yes, I have the fever, and you should to. Username is Locustslayer14, please don't laugh.


And that's about it for the games I am playing this week. I hope you enjoyed reading and any constructive criticism would be very much welcomed. Until then do what you all do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!!!