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This week's Reviews Spotlight features zombies, ghosts, pirates, and aliens. It almost sounds like Halloween, just…you know…it's July.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityResident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a reunion that fans could skip
By Stan Rezaee

I couldn't escape the feeling that doing a squad-oriented Resident Evil would be a bad idea, and Stan's harsh review of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City seems to confirmmy fears. It sounds like the game is plagued with poor design decisions. Oh well. Let's hope that Resident Evil 6 returns the series to its past glory.

Capcom ports touch-screen masterpiece to iPad and iPhone
By Jonathan Oyama

Jonathan is talking about Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the DS adventure/puzzler that Capcom recently ported to iOS devices. He's not kidding when he calls it a masterpiece. Ghost Trick was one of my favorite titles from last year thanks to its fun characters and clever puzzles. Heed Jonathan's advice and download this game now!

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean review
By Chandler Tate

I have to admit to losing interest in the Lego games some time ago, but I do love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (minus On Stranger Tides. Yuck). Of course, those films were best known for funny dialogue, which Chandler says is completely missing in this Lego retelling. Still, he says you can have some fun with the experience if you keep your expectations down.



Indie gaming with Towns: Become a mini-GOD!
By Ray Miles

According to Ray, Towns is a city-building/role-playing game hybrid. That sounds like a fun combination! Of course, it also sounds like a complicated one, but Ray says the title, which is still in the beta stage, is easy to learn and enjoyable to play. Still, that screenshot looks intimidating.

The eight failures of Mass Effect 3
By Bryant "B" Chambers

Minus the controversial (and, in my opinion, garbage) ending, critics and gamers have widely praised Mass Effect 3. Well, Bryant isn't as impressed. He lists eight major problems he had with BioWare's newest RPG, including issues with controls and A.I.. Well, since he was disappointed with the experience in general, maybe the ending was as devastating for him.