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Nvidia is redefining PC gaming as we know it. With their new GK107 Kepler architecture found in their upcoming mobile GPUs, we will no longer need to carry around huge, bulky bricks (laptops) to play our favorite games on the go. Neither will we need to lay down hundreds, or thousands, of dollars of a massive desktop computer.

Nvidia is planning for the future; they know that desktop sales have been declining for some time now, as consumers favor portability more often than performance.

Quite often, a new generation of mobile graphics processors had always meant new, cutting edge graphics and overall better performance. Nvidia's new 600 line of mobile GPUs simply aims to trim the fat on power consumption.

This means that the laptop guys no longer have to game in the shadow of their desktop superiors. This time around, the laptop components are every bit as powerful as their desktop counterparts, easily capable of tackling the latest games at maxed out settings.

Nvidia mobile GPUs can now build twice the graphics power into the same size machine as last year, and better yet, these new cards are small and thin, meaning that they can be crammed into the latest Acer M3 Ultrabook and actually play games.

That's right, a ultrabook can now power your favorite shooter like Battlefield 3 at 30+ frames per second. To demonstrate, Nvidia booted up a demo of Battlefield 3 running at 1080p on high settings without any hiccups. It was being run from Acer's ultrabook.

Remember the Razer Blade that promised a thin, yet powerful gaming experience all in a $2800 bundle? Now you have that same quality performance, only $2000 less.

In the previously mentioned Acer Ultra book, the GeForce GT 640m packed inside has  384 cores, 625MHz reference clock speed, and 64GB / sec of memory bandwidth. However, how well the Kepler chips performs can also depend on the actual thermal constraints of your laptop as well, since the chips will dynamically clock themselves depending on the amount of heat your machine puts out.

Meaning, your friend with the very same GT 640m chip as you may run twice as fast because he's got better cooling in his laptop than you do. It's never been a better time to be a laptop gamer.

Nvidia's new approach to GPU design means for less power consumption in the desktop models, thus making it much easier to shrink them down into something that will fit into a laptop, or even a ultrabook.

Why buy an expensive, massive laptop to haul around when I could play my favorite games with  similar performance benchmarks in a slim and sexy ultrabook?

Kepler is the first step forward for the next generation of portable PC gaming. It's fast, cheap, and  most importantly, affordable. Perhaps PC gaming has one last punch to throw at us after all?