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Shadow of the ColossusThe Community Spotlight features some of the best unedited articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we continue our journey in Shadow of the Colossus, talk even more about the story of Mass Effect 3 (and games in general), and cap things off with Halo's Master Chief doing something you might not expect. (No, it doesn't involve Cortana. Sickos.)

In the shadow of giants, part 3
By Jackson W. Ryan

We've featured the two previous entries in Jackson's narrative playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus. Here's the third. (And if you think this game's plot didn't have enough detail for three articles…well, you're right, but Jackon's taking some creative liberties. It's cool stuff.)

Story and effect
By Lonnie Adams

Different gamers value different aspects of the medium. Here, Lonnie explains why story, choice, and freedom are most important to him. He writes: "Developers, this is your world now. Tell your stories and explore the depths of humanity in your games."

On Mass Effect, collaborative storytelling, and the end
By Matt Gerardi

We've been highlighting great content about the Mass Effect series all month. And one of the most frequent concepts has been the sense of narrative ownership that BioWare has given players. Matt, however, argues that that was always an illusion: "The greatest trick BioWare ever played was making you think you were somehow writing this story." Read on for more. (Spoilers, natch.)

Gamers need to stop bickering about Mass Effect 3's ending
By Stan Rezaee

Stan focuses on Commander Shepard's narrative arc as an example of a "tragic hero," with all that that implies, as a reason for players to pipe down. More spoilers abound here.

Master Chief dancing dubstep
By Jan Neves

…You know what, I'm just gonna tell you to click through and watch this one. Our 3D artist-in-residence has outdone himself.