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Whenever there is a lull in the video-game industry, you can bet that the fighting-game scene will take advantage of it. Whether it be a new game release or a tournament to stir up the masses, something crazy will be going down.

Video Blips:

• Skullgirls shows off its eighth and final character, Double. For anyone who thought this game was just about fan service, please watch the video below.

Continue after the break for some Soul Calibur 5 tournament news, brilliant new combos in Persona 4 Arena, and some fancy updates Zen Pinball 2 will be bringing to the table.


• Namco Bandai anounces the official Soul Calibur 5 Championships. Hmm, I know Soul Calibur is much more popular in Europe, but we need more representation from North America!

• Elizabeth displays her amazing combos in Persona 4 Arena. The character-select-screen music is originally from Persona 3 FES, and it brings the haunting beauty of that game to this fighter.

• Zen Pinball 2 has some upgrades that you may want to see. Pinball in stereoscopic 3D? Now we just need something to emulate the physical feel of a real machine to use as a controller. Who wants to make this? Madcatz?