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E3 Blips already? Good, I hate being in my twenties anyways. Let's get to 30 as quickly as possible! Thanks a lot, relentless march of time.

News Blips:

News Blips: Super Mario Bros. Wii U at E3

Surprise, Nintendo will have a Wii U Mario to show off at its E3 press conference. According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo’s interview with Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto, the game will have players “combine the TV screen with the screen in the controller.” No word yet on whether the El Mundo interview was conducted by former Menudo member Ricky Martin, but don’t pretend like your mind didn’t end up in the same place. Miyamoto also confirmed he’s working on a new Pikmin game, so take a shot, because “Miyamoto confirms Pikmin” is number three on the Shiggy-interview drinking game. We’ll have more info on Nintendo’s E3 presence direct from the big show in LA this June. [G4TV]

Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 update has broken its Elite service. Since that update, new Elite Premium subscribers (the people who paid an extra $50 for early access to all of the maps) cannot access the maps that they’ve already paid for. The video below demonstrates how nothing happens when one of the subscribers selects the in-game option to download the Elite Drop content. Infinity Ward has tweeted that they are aware of the problem. A fix has already been submitted to Microsoft for approval, and it should go live Wednesday. Meanwhile, 360 users can still play their decrepit, old MW3 maps like a bunch of animals. [Twitter]

Fez sells over 40,000 digital copies since its release on Friday. After 20,000 gamers purchased the 2D-made-3D puzzle title on its first day, the indie darling has maintained most of that momentum. For comparison, it took Braid a week to reach 50k sold. At its current pace, Fez — which doesn’t have the benefit of being a Summer of Arcade title — will easily surpass that milestone in the next few days. We’ll stay on top of this and see if a correlation exists between the size of Phil Fish’s bank account and how much he thinks gamers are the worst effin’ people.

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