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Damn kids with their video games and marijuana! Though we here at Bitmob don’t condone anyone participating in illegal activity, today (4/20) is the proverbial pot-smokers’ holiday. And this is a website about video games. To recognize the crossover between those two subjects, I want to suggest four titles, all under $20, that could be extra fun for players who might be “jamming” on this hazy Friday.

Rather than go with obvious choices, like the quirky, ball-rolling Katamari Damacy or the sensory-overload on-rails shooter Rez, I picked out some recent, downloadable gems. This means you can get these games on demand…right after you get off the phone with Domino’s Pizza.

1. Journey ($14.99 on PlayStation Network)

This voyage through the desert with an anonymous, online teammate is a trip in itself. But perhaps after expanding your mind a bit, you’ll come to even deeper realizations about what it means to be unable to communicate verbally with the one person who can help you.

Try not to zone out, however, watching that red scarf sway as you run around. Just because you can’t hear your buddy doesn’t mean he’s happy that you’ve been stuck in the same area for the past 20 minutes.



2. Fez ($10 on Xbox Live Arcade)

Though Fez isn’t the first game to have players rotate levels to combine and separate the 2nd and 3rd dimensions for puzzles and platforming, it’s certainly an awesome one. If you think hard enough, maybe your brain will figure out a way to rotate your real-life environment. That way, you could instantly bring that bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in the kitchen straight to you with the press of an Xbox trigger button.

Superborthers: Sword & Sworcery EP

3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (varies between $2.99-7.99 for iOS devices and PC)

You shouldn’t need to be in an altered state to enjoy S&S:EP’s lush, pixelated forests and ocean-side dream world, but it might help with figuring out what some of the characters are trying to say with their cryptic Twitter language.

Plus, this point-and-click-adventure throwback encourages players to enjoy the experience with headphones on to better appreciate the stereoscopic effects and superb soundtrack. Besides, your Dark Side of the Moon record and Wizard of Oz DVD could probably use a break, anyway.

Colors 3D

4. Colors 3D ($6.99 on Nintendo 3DS eShop)

Maybe you’re not as interested in playing through a whimsical adventure (or petting your cat for 30 minutes straight) and would rather express yourself artistically. Colors 3D can be a good creative outlet. Not only does it let you paint happy, little trees, but it also grants you the power to draw them in far-out three dimensions! Now, go get ‘em, Bob Ross.