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The Elder Scrolls 5: SkyrimThe Community Spotlight features some of the best unedited articles that didn't quite make the front page. This week, we examine the scope of Skyrim, take a crash course in Super Monday Night Combat, analyze what our game libraries say about us, and more. (Don't worry — we won't get Freudian.) 

How Skyrim's scope scared me away
By Josiah Renaudin

Josiah explains a problem I had with the Elder Scrolls series, too — the massive size of the game's world can feel overwhelming. "All I saw was a sandbox with too much to do and a gamer whose quickly moving life couldn’t keep up," he writes. Have you felt the same way?

The rules have changed: A Super Monday Night Combat guide
By Jose De Jesus

I've never played Monday Night Combat, but Jose's primer for the game's sequel is just what any noob like me needs to jump in. "SMNC is a game that will reward you greatly for learning the finer points of its gameplay," Jose says. Take notes, folks.

Your game library might explain who you are
By Edward Varnell

Edward asks a simple question: "If you looked at your game library, what does it say of your personality or character?" Intriguing thought; I've got a lot of sports titles and fantasy RPGs, so you can probably see where my interests lie. What do your games say about you?

The production process, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Day 1 DLC
By Sam Brougher

Sam argues that the practice of offering downloadable content on a game's first day of availability is a necessary consequence of the development cycle. He contends that it's better to have that new content than to have a title that never improves or grows. Do you agree?

From games to literature and back again: Examining criticism
By Michael Fossbakk

Michael looks back at his own experience with literary criticism, and he wonders why video games aren't treated with the same critical respect as movies or books. No question we've got a long way to go.