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Fresh new DLC exploded on scene last night for Gotham City Impostors, some free, some not but all of it is very good. 

  Lets start with the free, everybody's favorite word to hear. Especially when it comes to DLC for your favorite game. First up Monolith gives us wanna be crime fighters a new map. The East End, a nice big open level on the streets of Gotham city.

  I liked this level alot because it reminded me of Gotham's other city map Crime Alley but more open. Another welcome addition is a new game mode called Bounty Hunter, where players collect coins from other players they kill. It's pretty much like Modern Warfare's Kill Confirmed mode. It just puts a new spin on Team Deathmatch but one thing I noticed is how chaotic and bunched up battles get. One more hilarious addition to this free DLC is the option to change your characters voices to other languages, you wouldn't think much of it until you hear your character say he is Batman in Spanish.

  Next up is the Rodeo Pirate Pack and oh boy let me start with what may be my favorite weapon in this game so far. The Boarding party! it's a blunderbuss that fires a scalp seeking parrot! Let me repeat that again, this is a gun that shoots parrots in people's faces and attacks them violently. It's hilarious and quite effective, run up to your poor victim and finish them off if your parrot doesn't do it first.

  New support item the Conch! is pretty much a seashell that emits a blow horn noise and knocks attackers back. This is a good solution to have on you for all those sword wielding or glider pouncing maniacs you face online. Just hit them with the Conch and it will knock them back and even do some damage. New fun fact Rummy! which pretty much protects you from parrot attacks, being frozen and stops Conch stuns. You also get new costumes to dress up your Bats or Jokerz, dress them up in Pirate or Cowboy garb. I now wonder if Monolith will release some futuristic or alien costumes next for Gotham.

  You also get a new Pirate voice for your character, it's no Jack Sparrow but it definitely has that swashbuckling sound to it. Last awesome addition is the new pizza skin for all your guns, every time I mow some poor fool down with this skin I am very tempted to scream Cowabunga!

 The Rodeo Pirate Pack is a must buy for fans of Gotham City Impostors, it's a breath of fresh air that every body will enjoy. It's also quite cheap retailing for 400 space bucks, if this doesn't sound like a good deal to you.

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