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DLC Chess

This month’s Bitmob Writing Challenge asks our community members to draw a political cartoon about a particular gaming issue. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to provide examples for the Cartoon Opinion prompt to help generate ideas until now. Because of this, I will extend the deadline to May 7, 2012.

Both of the cartoons in this article deal with the same issue — important features that are intentionally withheld for future use as downloadable content you have to pay for. My position on the matter depends on what the locked DLC is, but for the purposes of this prompt it’s an easy subject to approach from different angles. The image above is a simple concept that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already done before: What if chess were released today?


Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Gems

This one focuses on a specific game: Street Fighter X Tekken and its use of paid DLC as part of its Gem System. When I wrote about developer Capcom’s use of DLC in the title, I gave it the benefit of the doubt because the initial load of gem power-ups were free, and I hoped that the trend would continue. But I hoped for too much.

Still, I feel bad for Ryu and how he appears in this picture. I apologize if I accidentally start the “Drug Dealer Ryu” meme.        

Ready to draw your own cartoons? Here are the rules.

  • Draw a cartoon about a game or game-related issue. For example, you could comment on a specific aspect of Mass Effect 3 or the recent trend of layoffs in the industry. Limit one image., and make sure to credit anyone who helped you with this.  
  • The cartoon should stand on its own. In other words, you should be able to understand the meaning of the image without extra information. If you want to write an article about the topic and include the image in it, however, you can.
  • Upload the image onto your image-hosting site of choice like Photobucket, Deviant Art, or Flickr. Then, use the image button in the Article Editor to insert it into the article.
  • Space restrictions: It’s important to note that Bitmob can only support images that are 600 pixels wide or smaller. Otherwise, the picture will appear cut off when you post it. If you need a larger frame to show all the details, include the link to the original picture below the cartoon.
  • Post your work by May 7, 2012 with “Bitmob Writing Challenge” in the tags.

Good luck!