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I tried really hard to make this intro paragraph about something other than The Avengers. I failed, but I want you to recognized that I made the effort. Now, please call me "Hulk" for the duration of these Blips.

News Blips: Assassin's Creed 3 GameStop exclusivesNews Blips:

Pre-ordering Assassin’s Creed 3 at GameStop is the only way to get “The Lost Mayan Ruins” downloadable single-player mission. This one’s an onion. It has layers of stinky things: Day-one downloadable content stacked on top of pre-order bonuses stacked on top of a GameStop exclusive. Personally, I don’t shop at GameStop, so I guess those Mayans are just gonna have to remain lost. Players who choose to throw their $5 at the retailer will also get the sawtooth cutlass weapon.

Jenova Chen, Thatgamecompany’s lead designer on Journey, says the PlayStation 3 audience is more interested in artistic games than other console owners. “The player who owns a PlayStation 3 is more likely to be interested in artistic games compared to Wii and Xbox 360 [owners],” Chen wrote in an email to GamesBeat’s extraordinarily handsome Jeff Grubb. I own other systems, and I spend all my time looking at Art. Of course, Art is the sweaty workman who’s here fixing my toilet, so maybe Chen has a point.

Electronic Arts Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello says the publisher is investing $80 million in next-gen game production. In a conference call with analysts, Riccitiello expressed confidence in the continued growth of the medium throughout what he called the “fourth gen.” EA hopes to get a jump on its competitors by allotting a large portion of this money to research and development. Although, if the fourth gen is anything like fourth meal, all that money will only get Mr. Riccitiello a feeling of shame and a bout of the craps.

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