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No, this isn't another one of the annoying test posts we've been steadily putting up over the last two weeks. (Sorry about those!)

This is a real update on our merger with VentureBeat. I'm very excited to tell you that on Monday, we plan on launching the first part of our Bitmob-to-GamesBeat integration, what we're internally calling "phase A." Here's what should happen when we flip the switch:


All Bitmob articles will be replicated on GamesBeat, the gaming division of VentureBeat. When you first post a story here, it initially goes to the Mobfeed, where all unvetted posts sit for people to browse. The GamesBeat equivalent of the Mobfeed will be called GB Unfiltered, and the stame stories will live there, too.

If we pick your article to edit and promote to the front page of Bitmob, the same post will leave GB Unfiltered and then appear on the front page of GamesBeat (the "main river," as we call it). So your story will get promoted twice!

Basically, if everything's working correctly, any changes on Bitmob (someone posts a new article, we promote an article, we make changes within an article) will reflect on GamesBeat in under five minutes.

If you set up your Google AdSense account on your Bitmob profile, good news: Your ads should also appear on the GamesBeat version of your stories. I say "should" because we haven't been able to test this on a live server yet, but if, on Monday, we see this not working, we'll make it our first priority to fix. (By the way, we know this AdSense stuff is a little wonky on Bitmob for some of you. We'll make sure it works better down the line when we're fully merged with GamesBeat.)

Note: This doesn't mean you're going to get double the AdSense revenue. That's because we'll still just be promoting the Bitmob version of the story to social networks. Later, when phase B happens, you won't see two versions of every article. They'll all live only on GamesBeat, and then you should see a significant traffic boost to your average post.

If you have any questions about this, please ask in the comments below. Thanks!