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I warned you a couple of weeks ago: The first phase (codenamed the mysterious letter "A") of moving Bitmob over to GamesBeat is complete. Only I didn't publicize it until just now because, of course, the initial launch was quite buggy.

Right now, however, it's pretty much ready to go. Here's what's happening:


When a community member posts a story on Bitmob, it goes to a public staging area called the Mobfeed. Once that happens, a few minutes later, that same story will appear on the GamesBeat equivalent of the Mobfeed, called GB Unfiltered.

Now, if a Bitmob staffer edits and promotes one of these Mobfeed posts to the front page of Bitmob, the same story will leave GB Unfiltered and appear on the front page of GamesBeat. That's two front-page promotions for the cost of one button click!

Unfortunately, you can't keep track of your page views over on GamesBeat like you can on Bitmob (via your Post Manager under your Profile page). The comments on GamesBeat live separately from the ones here, too. But do stay tuned. Phase B is coming up right behind Phase A, and we have a lot more to show off to you soon.

In the meantime, if you notice any problems or weirdness, we'd really appreciate if you let us know in the comments below! Thanks.