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I don't usually get up in arms about things.  My temperament is pretty calm and I can usually see both sides of any argument.  I find it hard to review books or games because I find myself being too understanding of the things that are wrong.  For example, the Mass Effect 3 ending didn't really bother me too much.  I do think it was a bit lazy at the very end but I still enjoyed the game as a whole.  The whole debacle with Diablo 3's online servers didn't really irk me either (although, I did get that game for "free").

I read something today that did get my blood hot, something I would absolutely fight against if it ever came to light.  Destructoid posted an interesting article today that talks about a new Sony patent.  This patent defines a system where a commercial can be inserted INTO a game

The advertising already present in video games, like billboards with real products on them, works because it doesn't interfere with the immersion (at least, it usually doesn't).  Ads that interrupt the gameplay most certainly would.

I understand that games are getting more costly to develop.  I understand that the economy is in dire straits and every company is looking for more ways to offset costs.  I don't care.  We already pay $60 for these games, several times more than other forms of media.  Find another way to do it.  And don't try and offer us a bullshit line of "Pay more and get a version with no ads!"  That won't work either.

Ads that interrupt content are probably the most hated form of advertising in the world (interstitials, I believe they are called) and no one wants them in their games.  Don't do it.