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Perhaps the zaniest conference at E3 yet, Ubisoft's appearance at E3 was no small feat. Even though the event was probably the corniest attempt I've ever seen a company attempt to make their show become "fun," it was still the most enjoyable experience I've had at E3 thus far.

But what makes this conference so special when compared against the rest? The show was enerjetic, full of passion. And to top off the icing on the cake, a there was a host who was actually entertaining. The whole event just felt alive. Ubisoft was excited to be at E3 to show off the many great looking games they have in store for us and it shined brightly today.

To set the tone for the event, the show kicked off with a live performance on stage for Just Dance 4. A handful of, you guessed it, beautiful women danced to a variety of songs for us, ending with an awkward, yet enticing live performance by Flo Rida himself, who sang "Good Feeling."

From here we got to see yet another serious look at Far Cry 3, which by the way is set to release later this year! When I only thought this game couldn't get any more bizarre, I was once again proven wrong after watching the demo shown off on stage that showed me everything from random dream sequences, to tigers and even a rather risque scene that showed you dry humping Vaas's (the antagonsit) sister. Crazy right? Of course.

And as usual, the lush, open world that has been developed for us to explore was beautifully shown off, with the added detail that we will not only get to explore one island, nor two, or even three, but an entire archaeopaleo, whatever that means. But it at least means a lot of Islands for us to kill stuff on…

We also got to see another Assassin's Creed 3 demo, but for fans of the series, the hands on time shown off on stage wasn't anything far from what we have seen time and time again from the franchise in the past. What once again stole my mind though was the little attention to detail here and there in the game.

The new game engine for Assassin's Creed is gorgeous, there is no denying that. When the snow gets deeper, Conner (the new assassin) walks slower and his knees sink right into the snow. And the franchise has always been renowned for it's fluid mechanics, and living up to its name, they couldn't have looked better in the demo.

Action sequences played out across the screen in a blur and at times, the game looked more like one of the stunning CGI trailers for the game rather than the product itself. The demo also jumped into the hunting side of things in AC3, presenting Conner taking on a pack of wolves and rushing through the forest chasing deer just to collect meet for a nearby NPC.

And the fun meter only when up from there. Ubisoft announced a new IP that will be exclusively coming to the Wii U later this year titled ZombieU. When you put the fact that no gameplay footage was actually shown off and you ignore the ridiculous title, the game sounds and looks very cool. The teaser trailer shown only gave us a handful of screenshots for the game and hinted at how the zombie outbreak started. A virus. How original!

And because the game will be set in London, which is very neat considering the fact that we have rarely ever seen a game reside in England as of late, the music for the trailer was titled "God Save the Queen." Fitting for the setting don't you think?

Oh, but the goodies don't end there! For the first time ever, Ubisoft unveiled an entirely new game called "Watch Dogs." And by the end of the presentation, I was drooling from my mouth staring at the screen in awe, wondering what exactly I had just saw.

Our beloved cities are now our greatest weapons. Based off of the demo shown, the game will be an open-world adventure game presumably set in the city of Chicago. The character shown was assumingly the main character and protagonosit of the game, who rather adept talent for hacking.

At various points, the mysterious man dressed in a dark overall coat would whip out a cell phone to short out other electronic devices in the area, which included other cell phones, security cameras and even traffic lights, which resulted in a major pile-up that so happened to contain the man mystery "good guy" was searching for.

But to get to the "bad guy," you had to first fight through his many henchmen he had at his disposal. Thankfully, they survived the eight or so car crash in the middle of Chicago city. From there, the game transformed into a third-person shooter, with some slo-mo bullet-time kills and the heavy use of cover mechanics.

By the end of the demo, we were in the boots of another mysterious character (will we play as multiple different characters? Yes please!), after the previous man we were shown was chased off by an arsenal of cops. Ubisoft did virtually nothing else to clarify what in the world the game was, but heed this, the game looked awesome.

By the time the show ended, we were shown demos for some of our favorite games like Assassin's Creed 3 and a new Rayman for the Wii U, but Ubisoft also revealed some new life into the gaming industry with ZombieU and the wildly entertaining looking Watch Dogs. We even got to see a live Esport demonstration for their upcoming game, Shootmania.

The show was fun, witty, loony and crazy. But hey, its Ubisoft.