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Unique: having no like or equal; unparallel; incomparable
Sometimes, a single word can make a video game stand out.  It can create a lot of buzz and a overwhelming response, which in return, can make a game a intriguing purchase.  Good or bad (before a demo of the game or the actual game coming out), all eyes will be focus on that game because of that one word.
Some will assume that Ubisoft’s new IP Watch Dogs will provide a unique experience. Shown at this year E3, a lot of talk and reporting on the game may have caught your interest in the game.
There just one thing though that doesn’t make it unique.
Let’s just say interpretation fits this game better.
Now the premise of the game is interesting.  The executed ideas though? Not so much.  Reason behind this statement? Well, I see this as Ubisoft’s Deus Ex Human Revolution.  A futuristic spin on a world with secrets and where tech can save or destroy humanity.  Better known as Grand Theft Hacking.  Abundant hacking at that.
Not to say that Watch Dogs won’t have anything to offer (that hasn’t been done before) but Ubisoft’s take might provide a unique experience with various options on how to go about a task (less the Hitman killing I assume).  With just a taste of what can be done in the game, I believe it can become a successful property and if, creatively, game play is fitting and just right, Ubi might have a winning franchise.
So lets see where Ubisoft will take their interpretation of futuristic hacking and secrets (without no government conspiracy thrown in for a plot).  This one we will be watching..