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Halo to the Chief

Bungie is off of Halo. Developer 343 Industries has moved in with designs to change things up and make Halo 4 multiplayer relevant again. Not that it’s completely insignificant, but Major League Gaming (professional gaming’s biggest competitive circuit) dropped Halo: Reach from its most recent live events.

The bigger brute standing in the game’s path to dominance is, of course, Call of Duty. Hands-on reports suggest Halo has never been more similar to the Activision first-person shooter. This first full game from 343 will feature killstreak-like ordinance drops and sprinting by clicking the left stick.

The developer seems acutely aware of its situation as a new developer and Halo 4 as a game. To rile up excitement for its refreshed deathmatch modes, 343 took its new baby to and let the professionals have a go.

Have a nice, long look at a best-of-five Halo 4 multiplayer match played by some of the world’s top pros: