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Watch Dogs

E3 2012 is over, but we're still recovering from the mainline infusion of news, reveals, and general gaming goodness. Fortunately, our noble Bitmob community was on top of it all and provided a ton of great content as part of our latest Bitmob Wants You writing prompt.

Your articles on the convention follow below. And if you wrote something about E3 that you don't see in this list, let us know and we'll add you in.

Shut up and take my money, E3!
By Hazel Hosler

Hazel lists out all of her most desired goodies from E3…and how much they will cost. Her grand total? Click through and find out. (I have a feeling all of our wallets are about to get a lot lighter.)

Microsoft, you could have done better
By Brian Washington

Brian's got beef with Bill Gates' gaming crew. In this personal appeal, he expresses his disappointment with the lack of creativity in Microsoft's press conference. Did you Xbox owners feel let down by this year's offerings?

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E3 2012 Nintendo press conference round-up
By Chandler Tate

Chandler watched each press conference from the big gaming companies, and he's got observations on each one. Check out his thoughts on Nintendo's presentation. How did you think the House of Mario fared?

On homogenization and gaming's spleen
By Ryan Kirby

Don't worry — Ryan isn't talking about bodily functions. This spleen is "a sense of never-ending melancholy due to being disgusted with the world as a whole," he explains. And he saw that sense everywhere at this year's E3.

Is Watch Dogs unique or just an interpretation?
By Edward Varnell

Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's new cyber-snooping action title, made an impression on many this year. But Edward sees a lot of similarities between it and some of its predecessors, like Deus Ex: Human Revolution. What do you think?

Finding answers in the Beyond: Two Souls E3 2012 trailer
By Raymond Williams

Raymond breaks down the technology, gameplay, and themes of Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream's new title, as shown in its trailer at E3. Are you excited for Ellen Page's ghostly adventures?

E3 2012 Sony press conference round-up
By Chandler Tate

Here's Chandler's take on the Sony presentation this year. He labels it "fun, yet boring." The brand-new franchises have him excited, but he still feels like Sony could have done more (or spent less time on "silly technology").

E3 2012 awards: Day Three
By Giancarlo Valdes

Giancarlo handed out his own offbeat awards throughout this year's E3. Here's his batch for the third day of the show. Categories include Best Use of a Time Machine, Best WTF Game, and E3 Attendee Most Likely To Become An Internet Meme. (See Giancarlo's earlier awards here, here, and here.)

Remaining unsold on Wii U
By Mous Syed

Mous says Nintendo had a big opportunity to finally make gamers feel comfortable about the Wii U…and they failed, due to a lack of big-name first-party titles. Are you buying into Nintendo's latest console yet, or do you need more convincing?

Vile fatigue
By Chandler Tate

In Chandler's opinion, the games he saw at this year's E3 were way too violent. He writes: "To me, it seems like developers have taken to filling games with more meaningless gore to make the saturated and familiar gameplay mechanics feel new again." What do you think?

Wii U trophy/achievement support?
By Josiah Ham

Josiah doesn't care about the Wii U's price point or features, except for one: achievements. "I will be buying on the day it comes out," he writes, "but I will be doing so begrudgingly without a Nintendo Score or something resembling my trophy score."

E3 2012 Ubisoft press conference round-up
By Chandler Tate

Chandler recaps Ubisoft's robust presentation, including observations on ZombiU, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed 3, and more. Hey, I'm just glad they got rid of Mr. Caffeine.

Xbox SmartGlass might just save the Wii U
By Chase Koeneke

Some might see Microsoft's new technology for tablets and smartphones as competing with Nintendo's new touchscreen console, but Chase sees the situation differently. He argues that this tech could make it easier for third-party developers to put games on both consoles. Interesting take.

Why do we need multiple devices to enjoy one product?
By Mark Purcell

On the other hand, Mark sees nothing but trouble in the recent trend toward peripheral devices. He's not buying the argument that more screens equals more enjoyment. Until I see some more practical uses, Mark, I agree.

E3 2012 EA press conference round-up
By Chandler Tate

You know the drill by now. Check out Chandler's thoughts on what Electronic Arts cooked up for this year's show.

Highlights from Microsoft's E3 2012 conference
By Nathan Jedziniak

Hey, one of our other writers recapped a press conference, too! See what Nathan had to say about Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Forza: Horizons, and more Microsoft goodness.