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Mobcast logoThe Mobcast is back! Sorta. Thanks to the resources Bitmob now has access to from our still-in-progress merger with GamesBeat, we will be revitalizing our old podcast under a new name.

The award-winning format will be the same as the most recent episodes: Three gaming experts bring their own topics for the group to discuss, usually with some overarching theme. The host (usually yours truly) will keep the conversations going while mixing things up with gaming trivia. My goal: to make our guests feel dumb. We've done a good job of that in the past.

We'll make another announcement when the new show goes live, but in the meantime, we need your help! Since the name "Bitmob" will eventually be going away — everything you see and do on the site will live on GamesBeat — the brand "Mobcast" no longer works.

Have an idea for what to name the new GamesBeat podcast, ideally so it represents "GamesBeat" or the "bring your own topic" format well? Send an email to gametips [at] venturebeat [dot] com with the subject head: Podcast. Feel free to send us as many suggestions as you want over the next few days. If we pick one of yours, we'll send you a free box of gaming swag (think t-shirts and other goodies, including at least three random games from our collection).

Note: If multiple people suggest the same winning name, we'll pick a winner at random from that group.